Monday, August 25, 2014

The Dirty South - new release

Excited to announce the upcoming release of "The Dirty South" a New Adult contemporary romantic drama.
No, this isn't the sexiest cover ever, but I like it. However, it is intended for mature readers as it has more language and steamy scenes than my YA novels. So please be aware when buying this book that it is intended for ages 18+.

It is availble for preorder now, which is cool because you can get it and then forget about it until that magical evening when it pops up on your e-reader (Oct 5/6 at midnight). Also, the price is very low now but will go up once it is officially released. And who doesn't love a good sale??

I can't wait for you to meet Cady and Colton. They've been some of the most fun characters I've ever had the pleasure of working with :)


For Cadence St. Claire, so far her twenties really suck. She’s lost her bff and her fiancĂ©, and those job offers she was counting on after graduating from law school just aren’t coming in. In fact, there’s only been one—a pity offer from her father’s old friend in Sweet Oak, South Carolina…. a world away from the privileged life she’s used to.

Cady is running away from a life that doesn’t want her anymore. Colton Lassiter is trying to put the pieces of his back together again the only way he knows how: women, booze, and working on his classic cars. Owner of the local garage and former motorcycle racing champ, he has more scars than tattoos, inside and out.

He’s vowed to never lose himself to another woman ever again. And the last thing he wants…or expects… is some prissy little conservative wanna-be lawyer chick showing up and turning his world upside down. And the last thing Cady wants…or needs… is some damaged bad-boy turning her life into even more of a disaster than it already is, especially when both of them have dark secrets they're desperate to keep hidden.

But the past always has a funny way of showing back up again when you least expect it to.

Things are about to get dirty…

for the full first 3 chapters, go on over to the "Dirty South" tab here on the blog.


Happy Reading, Y'all!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demonblood #3 "Curse of Shadows and Light"

I'm happy to announce that the official release date for Demonblood 3: Curse of Shadows and Light is December 24th! I will be posting pre-order details soon, and doing a cover reveal and summary. Stay tuned!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Demonblood Update (Curse of Shadows and Light)

Hi Guys,

So I get a lot of you wondering where the next Demon is. (Curse of Shadows and Light). Believe me that more than anyone I wish it was done and published already, and I feel terrible that it is so behind the schedule I’d announced earlier. At times, when it comes to writing, my ambition and optimism don’t always meet reality. I know some authors can whip out a book every month or two…and unfortunately that is not me. This is a complex world with some pretty crazy characters and with how the storyline has developed, it is taking a bit more meticulous plotting rather than just “winging it”.
Due to external forces, for several months I was hardly able to work on it at all. Now I am working on it full-time. My goal is to have it out well before the end of the year. I hate to give a definitive date until everything is 100% done and there can be no chance of me being wrong…again. I hate disappointing my readers more than anything, and thank you all for your never-ending patience. I’m busting my bootie to make sure that you get your payoff!!

I will be announcing the tentative, then the official, release dates in the near future here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. You can find the links to follow me on the “about me” section of this site. Also, you can sign up via email on the upper right hand corner to be notified of any new blog posts from me here. 

There is some great news via Smashwords that I think is pretty cool…Pre-orders will be available through Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Kobo, for those of you who use those platforms (sorry, no Kindle yet). This way you can order it, and the second the title is released it will appear on your device. How cool!

I have to say that I really love you guys and all your support you’ve shown me and my books over the years. I want to make sure this reading experience is as amazing and memorable as possible, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on it a bit more. 


p.s. Bones says Hi  :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

LoveSpell Release Date and Contest Announcement

Hey everybody!
I’m so happy to be able to announce to you that “LoveSpell: The prequel novel to the Spellbound Trilogy” will be released on Wed, June 26th!! I’m SO excited to have you guys read this, and I think that fans of the series will really enjoy getting to know Gabriella. She is quite the character, and there are secrets revealed that we never knew before.

The one spell that started it all…

Gabriella Havish has everything a girl could want: beauty, wealth, powers, friends, and a loving family.  But there is one thing she wants above all else ... James Dalton.  Too bad the sexy warlock is not only from an enemy coven, he barely knows she's alive.

So Gabriella makes a deal ... and suffers the devastating consequences. She's just a girl in love, but she soon discovers that true love can't be found in a magic bottle. She has no idea that one spell will forever change the course of her destiny, and that her nightmare is just beginning.

This is the story before the story…Find out what really happened to Gabriella all those years ago.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: Although this novel precedes the Spellbound Trilogy, it is intended to be read AFTER reading the series as it reveals many important spoilers and plot twists that will diminish the reading experience of Spellbound.***


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dawn of the Morningstar is now available!

Hi guys,
Thanks for being so patient! DOTMS is finally live on Amazon  HERE and in other formats from Smashwords HERE  It will take some time to get into other platforms, and if you need a copy and are unable to get it for some reason please email me direct so I can help :-)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!! And look for the special note at the very end :-)


Monday, December 10, 2012

Dawn of the Morningstar has a cover and a release date!!

Here's the gorgeous cover for Spellbound #3 DAWN OF THE MORNINGSTAR available 12/19/12

Much thanks to the lovely and talented Regina Wamba at!!

The official release date is DECEMBER 19th and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. All other outlets may be a bit longer.

Thanks for your patience and I really hope you love it!!