Friday, October 17, 2014

The Dirty South is available, now with a new cover
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Cady is running away from a life that doesn’t want her anymore. Colton Lassiter is trying to put the pieces of his back together again the only way he knows how: women, booze, and working on his classic cars. Owner of the local garage and former motorcycle racing champ, he has more scars than tattoos, inside and out.

He’s vowed to never lose himself to another woman ever again. And the last thing he wants…or expects… is some prissy little conservative wanna-be lawyer chick showing up and turning his world upside down. And the last thing Cady wants…or needs… is some damaged bad-boy turning her life into even more of a disaster than it already is… especially when both of them have dark secrets they’d like to keep buried.

But the past has a funny way of showing back up again.
Things are about to get dirty…

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