Thursday, August 27, 2015

Books Update

Hi everyone,

I’ve had several readers write me wondering why they can’t find my books on Barnes & Noble (nook) or some other platform (Kobo, iTunes)… recently I made the very tough decision to make all my novels exclusive to Amazon so that they could be part of the Kindle Unlimited program and the lending library. While it was a very hard choice for me because I hate limiting access to any readers, it was a business decision I had to make, and it is possible that in the future the books will be available on those other book sites again.

But for now, they are only available to download through Amazon, and the good news is that if you have Kindle Unlimited or the Prime, you can read all my books for FREE. And I still get paid for them which is great because that enables me to keep doing what I love, which is writing books! So if you have Kindle, great… if not, I know there is free app or ways to get it… the paperbacks are always still available (for most titles), and if for some reason none of this works for you, please drop me a message so we can figure something out. I value each and every one of my readers and would hate for you to not be able to access the story that you have grown attached to.

Thanks for your support.

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