Spellbound Trilogy

The Spellbound Trilogy is a new series about a sixteen-year-old girl named Calista McCoy who discovers she has magical powers, falls in love, and learns the world isn't what she always believed it to be. 

Although it's indirectly connected to the Demonblood Series, Spellbound is a more fanciful, easier-paced, and less-dark read.

The first book in the Spellbound Trilogy, "Witchy, Witchy"  is available in paperback and for e-readers now. It introduces the reader to Calista, her new world, her first love, and the extraordinary challenges that come with being a witch. The second book, "Kiss the Crystal Sun"  explores Calista and Nicholas's relationship further, with secrets from both of their pasts coming back to haunt them. In "Dawn of the Morningstar" Calista's world has been thrown into chaos, and she has to learn what is truly important, and just how strong she really is.

     Witchy, Witchy (Spellbound #1)

Life should be charmed for sixteen-year-old Calista McCoy. But being a psychic, empathic, fire-starting witch isn't all magical fun and games, even if it does come with a snazzy new wardrobe and an awesome beach house in California.

Now she is a target for the deadly Hunters who seek out new, vulnerable witches. Any exposure of her magical abilities to normal humans—including her father—can have disastrous consequences for everyone. And with covens all over the world constantly fighting with one another, it's hard to know who to trust. If all that weren't bad enough, now she has to go to some snooty private school for rich kids. Not exactly a dream situation for shy girl raised in the slums of the Louisiana bayou.

Things start to look up when she meets the devastatingly gorgeous and mysterious Nicholas, and she instantly falls under his captivating spell. Calista keeps her feelings for him a secret from her new friends, and instead focuses on practicing her magical craft and adjusting to her new life.

But on the eve of the Winter Ball, it becomes clear that not all of Calista's new friends are who they appear to be…especially Nicholas. And once the thin veil between fantasy and reality is shattered, no one is safe from the evil that has snuck into their lives. Unless Calista can find a way to stop it, she and her loved ones will continue to be in mortal danger. But if she is successful, then maybe—just maybe—she can have the happily ever after she always dreamed of.

Dare to dream...

Right now there isn't a book trailer for Witchy, but I have some pictures of the characters and places instead.


Sophie Daniels & Lily Davenport

Crystal Cove

Nicholas Mancini & Justin Martin

Calista's cottage

Ana's House
      Calista's Bedroom

Isle of Druantia

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Spellbound #2, Kiss the Crystal Sun

     Nicholas and Calista get a lot closer and get to know each other better...this may or may not be a good thing.. 
     Turns out Justin's problems are only just beginning...and they are threatening to tear Calista's life apart. 
     Ana reveals a devastating secret about her family's past...and Callie will discover the most important truths in her life are lies.
At the end of the story she has to make a choice...one that turns everyone's life upside down. 

**A note about this story...the beginning first few chapters start off a few months in the past...before Calista comes to Crystal Cove, and shows what her life is like in Basile, Louisiana.  I think it's interesting to see just how much her life changes and how she evolves. (Fans of the Demonblood series might recognize a cameo from one of our favorite characters)

Spellbound #3
The conclusion of the magical Spellbound Trilogy

 The sins of the mother...

Calista McCoy’s idyllic existence has been shattered and her life is in shambles. Her once happy home is gone, her family and friends lost. Now she must pick up the pieces and rebuild her world, and discover the truth about what really happened all those years ago…with shocking new developments that no one saw coming.

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